about the writer 

Claire Jones. My first journal was filled with only my name, cover to cover. It was spelled right, but half of the letters were written backwards. At 25, my journals still feel like this. They are how I try to keep my brain straight. (This is obviously futile, because I am a human person). 

So, for a long time writing was just this unspoken routine at the end of each day, where I would pour out every thought and curiosity about the world. It wasn't until my first job out of college that I wrote outside of these journals (save for school essays). I wrote about mountains. Then, I got the itch to write even more, outside of my day job. The more I toyed with this idea, the same question came up: What is the story you want to tell?

There was so much I wanted to write about -- big issues I wanted to take a stand on. Stories about other people whose lives look and sound and feel so differently from mine. But, I could never get the angle right. I could never get the story right. I could never get the writing right. And I realized, I couldn't tell these stories until I started with my own.  

So, here it is. It is the scariest story for me to share, which I think is what makes it the right one.


about the podcast

I am a seasonal worker second to being an outdoor educator. The two often go hand in hand, but it's important to note that I wanted to teach outside more than I wanted to move 4 times a year. In outdoor ed, you usually don't have work in the winter (high mountains + snow = very unhappy children) and because there's no school in summer, there's no running programs. That means for two seasons out of the year, I'm out of teaching jobs. So, I move to fill in the gaps.

If you've moved somewhere new, you know it can be dreamy and terrifying at the same time. You take yourself in one environment, put it somewhere else, and wait to see which parts stick and which parts melt away. Your identity, purpose, friendships and love-ships are all thrown in the ringer, to be highly evaluated. 

This podcast follows my first year of seasonal work. With each season comes a new job, a new town, new friends, and a new skin. 

But over the course of the year, I am forced to shed my skin, and to face what's going on underneath. 

This podcast is that journey.